lua2dox  0.2 20130128
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TStream_Read Class Reference

file buffer More...

Public Member Functions

 getContents (this, Filename)
 get contents of file
 getLineNo (this)
 get lineno
 getLine (this)
 get a line
 ungetLine (this, LineFrag)
 save line fragment
 eof (this)
 is it eof?

Detailed Description

file buffer

an input file buffer

Definition at line 289 of file lua2dox.lua.

Member Function Documentation

eof ( this  )

is it eof?

Definition at line 350 of file lua2dox.lua.

getContents ( this  ,

get contents of file

Filenamename of file to read (or nil == stdin)

Definition at line 294 of file lua2dox.lua.

getLine ( this  )

get a line

Definition at line 327 of file lua2dox.lua.

getLineNo ( this  )

get lineno

Definition at line 322 of file lua2dox.lua.

ungetLine ( this  ,

save line fragment

Definition at line 345 of file lua2dox.lua.

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